What is Yabbox all about?

I was sat round a kitchen table one evening at University with a bunch of house mates. We were playing some board game, made by a company near Oxford as it happens. “Pick a letter from A-Z” I rolled the dice, which read “Y”. “Now list 10 things that weren’t invented thirty years ago.” You have got 1 minute. Not easy is it. “Yabbox”, I eventually offered. “Eh?” “It wasn’t invented thirty years ago and it still hasn’t been invented today!” That is how I came up with Yabbox. It is now the name of my company. Yabbox.com is the result. I still haven’t come up with a definition of ‘Yabbox’ though.

Just think if I had chosen ‘W’ for that game above. World Wide Web invented in 1990. Windows was invented in 1983. If it wasn’t for all that, Yabbox still wouldn’t have been invented, except in my subconscious mind, one stoned night. Do a search for yabbox and apart from this website, nothing.

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