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Monday 18th October 1999

Woke up at 9:30AM when the Danish couple came back from extending their visa. Had breakfast and realised what a miserable place Chengdu can be. It was rain, horrible drizzle type rain so did nothing of note until noon. I’m becoming obsessed with my accounts. I first did them at the end of week one at they balanced, now I’m doing them nearly every bloody day but even then they don’t add up! Chill out man. I went to town and found a bank to make a credit card withdrawal (see, I truly am becoming obsessed about money!) there was no ATM machine so did an over the counter transaction with 4% commission (stop it!). Wandered the streets and bought a belt at last so now when I wander the streets I don’t look totally like a tramp. Renmin Park was quite relaxing and spent a while over tea reading the Memoirs of a Geisha book. I get so involved in the book that I begin to think I’m back in Japan, especially with Asian people all around me and sat here drinking green tea. Just can’t find any geisha! I had dinner in a shit and overpriced western cafe with Sophie which altogether was very boring. But luckily a Danish family with three pretty young children were eating on another table and brought some stimulation and excitement to the place. Chinese absolutely adore young children, especially when they have white skin and blond hair. Dropped by Oasis at the end of the day and hired the mountain bike off Paul, sorted. At least organised something today.

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  1. Andy

    11 years ago that was and I’m back. And walking the streets without a belt! Actually in a taxi heading to Renminbi Park to see how it’s changed. I think where I am right now was probably fields then. The traffic I’d much worse. The overcast skies looking like rain very similar. Cars and flyovers. The main thing of note. It seems bigger, to think I walked everywhere back then.


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