Qingdao – Jilan – Tai’an

October 5th, 1999

Took a bus to Jilan in the morning. Not a bad trip and travelling by bus is quite an experience. It was an interesting journey with some nice views. From Jilan onto Tai’an from about 12-7pm. Not too difficult after I found the bus station! At least the bus journeys were cheap, because the 1st night on my own and I got stung! 200 Y for hotel room – the only choice in town – but it is comfort – no, luxury. Big Bath en-suite, TV etc. Don’t arrive at night because reception will con you after dark I think. Oh well. It’s a long road ahead. Draw no conclusions yet. And I haven’t eaten properly today. My budget has not been met either! The room is only 200 Y (14 pound). There are no windows and hence no light. I won’t know the time or the weather in the morning, and it will be impossible to leave this comfy double bed!

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