The train journey was ok, and at least I had a seat this time. The people around me were quite friendly – talkative would be the wrong word, if only for the language barrier. I arrived in Xi’an without a lot of sleep and the Lonely Planet’s directions to the Hostel were way off. I got off the bus (about half way too early) and walked the rest of the way to the Renmin Flats. There was an Aussie couple who had spent two years in the UK and a French girl called Sophie in the shabby dorm. Tired of the travelling so didn’t do anything special in the afternoon. Found a very slow email café in town and if it wasn’t for Phil’s email he had sent the same day, I would have felt very lonely! Realised that it was Wednesday 13th and not the Tuesday as it was in my head – I had got lost by travelling through the night and have no real necessity for the time or day anyway. Went to Dad’s café for a snack but thought it was very over-rated – both in the LP and in their comment book – not such a cool hangout and the food very mediocre. The place has LP syndrome. They don’t have to try because people will go there merely because it is the LP and they know people are only around for a day or two anyway. Make your own decisions.

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