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Albino Black Sheep

Albino Black Sheep

From a games page on We Live in Beijing, I started playing a game called Bloxorz, which is hosted on Albino Black Sheep, a predominately flash based gaming zone. Damien Clarke, the designer behind Bloxorz works for DX Interactive, and from this site, you can find out more about Bloxorz by clicking on ‘Flash Games’ and then ‘Bloxorz’.

I wouldn’t normally spend much time, wasting valuable time playing games. However Bloxorz found me at a time when I was happy to be distracted from work! But more importantly the simplistic nature combined with the logic testing behind Bloxorz makes it compelling. It is a simple 3D game which is very quick to to learn, with an extremely clever maze layout and a logical strategy to complete the 33 levels. Think of rotating a jenga piece over it’s different sides on an Othello board, with other obstacles and tasks along the way.

It took me around four hours over three days to complete each level. Take regular breaks and don’t get addicted! I struggled on Level 19 for some time, took a break and then cracked it first time on my return. My favourite stage was probably Level 28, such a long route along a clever cross-stitch maze.

For those of you who get stuck on a level, persevere. And if that fails, you can watch YouTube. I am glad to say I didn’t cheat, just got very frustrated at times!


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