I have no idea where I heard first about Aardvark, but as it’s now owned by Google it may have been some crafty advertising on Gmail. I installed the Vark App on my iPhone and I try and answer questions, or ask stupid questions myself when there’s nothing better do it. Somehow I find it more rewarding than playing mindless games.

Anyway, here are a few replies I received to some random questions I have asked:

“Travel: Where would you rather be right now?”

John K. 43 / M / Denver, US “exactly where I am”
Yabbox “Good answer. You lucky man.”
John K. “very”
Lauren F. 28 / F / Middle Village, US “zihuatanejo!”
Yabbox It looks idyllic. Take me with you!”
Lauren F. “Wish I could take myself!! :-)”
“Random: You become the invisible wo/man for 15 minutes. Where would you go/ what would you do?”
Dustin M. 25 / M / Missoula, US “Rob a bank”
Yabbox “Nice. I didn’t think of that.”
Dustin M. “I mean, look at women, listen to gossip, play pranks on people, or get rich?
Yabbox “Apart from wander around the rooms of a high class brothel, I thought of stealing a passport, or walking across immigration, or issuing myself a round the world airplane ticket, stealing a yacht, etc. Similar lines I guess, but yours has more potential!”
“Random: You’re home is being destroyed by fire or flood. What three things would you save before fleeing? Your family is already safe.”
Ian M. 26 / M / San Jose, US “id (birth cert, other documents), laptop, cell phone and charger.”
Yabbox “Modern day essentials. Frightening but realistic. Thanks.”
Ian M. “yeah…pretty much everything else is optional”
Melissa A. 29 / F / Dubai, United Arab Emirates “harddrives, bicycle, plants”
Yabbox “Superb answer. Realistic, practical and loving.”
Melissa A. “cool”
“Dreams: You wake up in the morning in a strange but wonderful bed. Where are you?”
Maria F. 20 / F / Lisbon, Portugal “I don’t know, but if I woke up in an unfamiliar place without having any memory of how I got there, I’d call the police.”
Greg S. 25 / M / St. Louis, US “A hammock suspended between two doric columns overlooking the ocean on Santorini.”
“Fantasy: Time stands still for a day, people freeze, except you. What would you do with your total freedom?”
Fernando B. 31 / M / Sao Paulo, Brazil “Probably will try to raise as much money as I can …”
“Airlines: Are all male flight attendants gay? If I were a flight attendant would you automatically presume I was gay?”
Skyphone G. 40 / M / London, UK “I won’t assume right off that you might be gay if you are a flight attendant not unless you might be giving away signs of being effeminate? Being competent flight attendant demands a rigorous attention to details when it comes to serving demanding flight passengers. Only highly qualified individuals are fortunate to qualify & most of these qualities can only be found on people with specific attributes regardless of their sexual orientation.”
Why don’t you sign up to Aardvark and ask / answer your own random thoughts, and sometimes more serious questions too.

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