A few screenshots of the completed levels of the iPhone game, Geared.

There are levels 43 until 150 here so far, with the exception of level 120 which is really bugging me!! I really hope to finish level 120 soon and then I may just buy the next 50 levels, except it is stopping me doing far more important work. UPDATE 3rd Jan 2010: Aha, well, I found out as suspected that there was a bug in the previous version of Geared, and Level 120 was missing an essential orange cog. Without that cog, I could only get a half-result. However, with an iTunes iStore App update, to Geared V1.70, the cogs have been glossed up but importantly, Level 120 was fixed, which meant I have successfully finished all levels 1 through 150!

I’m especially impressed with Level 79 which I managed to complete with one cog left over. Level 146 I also managed to complete with one small cog left over, quite an easy one this, despite being late in the series.

There are two completed versions for Level 141, the first version probably the supposed answer, but then I worked out another solution without using all the orange cogs. I also like the answer for Geared Level 80, which took some sussing out, quite a tricky design that one.


  1. Patrick

    Help with 82 please.Thanks

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Patrick,

      Have you solved it yet? Here is the screenshot of Geared level 82, which should help you see how the cogs need to be placed to solve the level.

      Good luck!


  2. Micie

    I have tried level 80 for several days. The screenshot solution no longer works. It is impossible for the small center cog to touch both the larger left cog (on top of the rotating wheel) and the bottom cog center right. Is there an other possible solution? The other levels have taken only minutes. I really appreciate your site. Thank you!

  3. Micie

    Level 80. I have worked and reworked the cogs but the cogs cannot fit the way the screenshot shot shows. The placement of the medium cog on the bottom can allow either the small cog on the right or the small cogs on the left but not both. I don’t know if it has been changed. Any help you could offer is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much for your site!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Micie,

      Frustrating isn’t it!

      When I couldn’t do a level, I always took a break and then came back to it with a fresh head. The screenshot of Level 80 you can see in the gallery was completed on a previous version and so to double check I just tried it again on Geared V1.70 and although it was tricky, it is possible..

      Keep trying.

      The key is placing the first medium cog in exactly the right place .. so there are three pixels remaining to the left of the cog and the ‘box line’ if you know what I mean.


      Once that is in exactly the right position, you can ‘drop’ two small cogs down the left column and ‘drop’ another cog down the central column so the bottom left three cogs are all rotating.

      From then on in it’s pretty straight-forward.

      Good luck.

  4. Micie

    Thank you so much!!! This one has been so frustrating! If I get the three bottom cogs rotating, then the middle left one won’t move! Ughhhh lol. Will keep trying!!! I really appreciate your working the new version. Now that I know it CAN be done, I refuse to give up!!! Thanks again!!!


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